In memoriam

Excerpt from the In Memoriam by Erik Borgman.

… Schillebeeckx’s theology is studied intensively at various places in the world in view of renewing faith and church in relation to the contemporary world. This will undoubtedly continue after his death.
There is a Chair established at the Faculty of Theology at Radboud University in order to preserve his legacy under the title ‘Theology and Culture’. Nobody holds the Chair at the moment, but the search for a new chair holder is underway. The Edward Schillebeeckx Foundation collects, organizes, and preserves his body of work and tries to make it accessible to interested parties. But above all, many people in Dutch theology are in fact co-holder of Schillebeeckx’s legacy.
In the midst of all that is changed in the Church, in academia and in theology, the combination of openness and sensitivity to cultural and social developments, on which he based theological reflection, and the focus on the eternal mystery as a source and purpose of reality the Christian tradition calls ‘God’, as advocated by Schillebeeckx, remain at the background of their work.

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