Hilkert on Schillebeeckx

The National Catholic Reporter recently published an interesting article on Schillebeeckx,  written by prof. Hilkert. It is titled ‘Edward Schillebeeckx: A herald of God among us. Theologian identified God in the powers of endurance, resistance and hope.’

“That baby is God.” When asked about his first conscious memory of Jesus, the Flemish theologian Edward Schillebeeckx, who died in 2009 just before Christmas, recalled those words of his father as he pointed to the infant Jesus in the large Christmas crib in their home. Schillebeeckx, who helped to revitalize interest in Jesus and to reshape the study of Christology in the second half of the 20th century, related the family story to an Italian journalist in 1982 on the occasion of his reception of the Erasmus Prize for contributions to European culture. He was the first theologian ever to be so honored. If the graduate students at the University of Notre Dame are any indication, Schillebeeckx’s legacy continues. Read more.

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