Colloquium TGL

TGL (Tijdschrift voor Geestelijk Leven) 2009/1 will be an extra large issue on the meaning Edward Schillebeeckx had for the development of spirituality in the last decennia. The issue will explore on the theological horizon as Edward Schillebeeckx draw it, looking for renewed impulses for churchly and spiritual life in the coming time. Could this theologian still inspire today?

We will discuss on this issues on a meet- and studymorning on Saturday Januari 17 from 9h30 untill 12h00 at the Hof van Liere, Prinsstraat 13, 2000 Antwerp (Belgium). The discussion will be held by people who co-oporated on the issue and by some critical sympatizers: Erik Borgman, Jo De Tavernier, Mia Verheyen and Bert Claerhout.

Visit for more information the website of TGL (Dutch).

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