A new year, new plans. Although our foundation is just small, we are working on some rather extensive projects. For instance, we are rethinking the nature and content of our chair. Previous years, prof. dr. Catherine Hilkert (Notre Dame University, USA) has been visiting us to teach some succesfull and intensive master classes on Schillebeeckx theology. Her appointment as visiting professor would end after 3 years. What now? Een new visiting scholar, some intensive master classes by varying professors, someone form within the Dutch and Belgium context, or someone special from abroad … we are considering all options. Second, there has been a lot of effort to realize a 11-part volume of Collected Works Edward Schillebeeckx in English. What a job, what a job! Texts are translated, corrected, and given a modern lay-out. It sure will be the standard book on Schillebeeckx. Last, we have the Edward Schillebeeckx Essay Price. What a fine opportunity to focus on Schillebeeckx’ theology, form the perspective of young theologians.  We are looking forward to read all these fine essays.

To keep Schillebeeckx’ theology alive – by continuing activities as mentioned above – we do need money. It would be great if you could support us. All donations are welcome on account number: by name of Stichting Edward Schillebeeckx,  IBAN: NL74RABO0387035125, and BIC-codes: RABONL2U. Many thanks.

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